Sustainable Living at Huntstile Farm


  • Respect the rules of seasonality
  • Grow as much and use as much Huntstile home-grown organic produce as possible
  • Supplement with produce from local farms and growers as much as possible
  • Use organic wherever possible – we endeavour never to use any genetically modified (GM) produce
  • To use our experience and knowledge so we can choose food which is traceable, ethical and from a sustainable source

green travel

  • We offer a 5% discount to any guest who arrives on foot or bicycle or by electric vehicle (we have electric charging points for these)
  • Huntstile is a signed up member of the Cycle to Work Scheme and some of our staff have taken up the challenge and are proud to cycle in!
  • Our company car is 100% electric with zero emissions
  • Electric car charging points are supplied free of usage charge to guests


  • Our electric is sourced 100% from renewable energy
  • Use as much recycled and natural products for all our restoration & renovation work as we can
  • Provide eco friendly soaps and lotions for guests to use during their stay
  • Supply our own filtered spring water from the Huntstile spring to rooms in re-usable glass bottles


  • Our central heating system and hot water is provided by our bio-mass boiler (Bertie -we love him!)
  • The biomass we use comes from wood-chips from a sustainable source of hedging and short rotation coppice grown right here on the farm
  • We have log burning stoves in main areas for additional toasty-ness on cold days, fed with home-grown logs!


  • We have handmade secondary glazing panels to blend in with the farmhouse original Grade II listed windows, helping to keep the house at an even temperature
  • Our attics are lined with sheep’s wool insulation 300mm thick,  which keeps our guests warm and snuggly, even in the middle of winter when the snow is deep and crisp and even…
  • We have installed underfloor heating, using a water-based system heated by our bio-mass boiler


  • Energy-efficient lights and intelligent lighting control systems in the common areas and super bright LED bulbs
  • Solar lighting in the garden and camping field

onsite energy generation

  • Our central heating system and hot water is provided by our bio-mass boiler Bertie (we love it!)
  • Bio-mass comes from our farm woodland, hedges (grown high and harvested in a 7 year rotation) and a short rotation coppice of willow & alder

water conservation

  • Collection of rainwater for flushing toilets, making liquid comfrey fertiliser (for our delicious tomatoes) and for irrigation of vegetable gardens and the Rose Walk
  • Water-efficient tap fittings to the highest practical level are used in the farmhouse to reduce water consumption and wastage
  • Our dishwashers are all water conserving, utilising recycling features
  • Huntstile has a 7 stage water filtration system for filtering our own Spring Water served in re-usable glass bottles

waste management & recycling

  • Extensive recycling of a range of materials (glass, tins, plastics, paper & cardboard)
  • We have rather gorgeous Composting Toilets in Camping Area
  • There are several Compost Heaps dotted around our organic kitchen gardens converting peelings and waste vegetable matter into lovely compost
  • Scraps to our flock of chickens
  • Waste vegetable matter to our pet pig Rosie
  • Our waste water is treated using oxygen and passed through multi-stage filtration into a reed bed system producing clean water