Terms & Conditions of Booking a Pitch: (A.K.A.*RULES*!)


Your pitch price needs to be paid for in full at the time of booking – we will hold a reservation for 5 days without payment.

Our campsite is situated in a ‘quiet zone’ and guests are reminded that some of our workers/neighbours have to be up and about early 7 days a week and we also have lots of children camping with their families, therefore we ask you and your guests to please respect this and we expect our campers to maintain silence between 10.30pm and 7.30am.

Please use a stand for disposable BBQs rather than the grass…as John gets very grumpy if there are bog black holes in it(!) We have a charcoal BBQ you can usually use

There is a rubbish recycling point next to the camping loo that we are fanatical about – please recycle as much as you possibly can!

Please remember! At all times we are a working farm, so there will be large machinery moving around at most times of the year somewhere on the farm. There can be dangerous pieces of machinery in the two yards – we don’t like to restrict access on any parts of the farm, and we actively encourage children to ask questions about farming and see the combine harvester and tractors in action, as long as parents are happy to supervise – thank you for helping Huntstile to stay safe!