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House Policy and Booking T&C

House Policy & Booking Terms & Conditions for B&B, Self Catering & Camping

Please remember! At all times we are a working farm, so there will be large machinery moving around at most times of the year somewhere on the farm. There can be dangerous pieces of machinery in the two yards – we don’t like to restrict access on any parts of the farm, and we actively encourage children to ask questions about farming and see the combine harvester and tractors in action, as long as parents are happy to supervise – thank you for helping Huntstile to stay safe!


Loss of or Damage to Guests’ Property
Under the Hotel Proprietors Act 1956, an hotel proprietor may in certain circumstances be liable to make good any loss of or damage to a guest’s property even though it was not due to any fault of the proprietor or staff of the hotel.

This liability however—

This notice does not constitute an admission either that the Act applies to this hotel or that liability there under attaches to the proprietor of this hotel in any particular case.

We are a dog-friendly B&B and have 3 dogs here ourselves (and there are some great walks!) however there are a few rules for the dogs: