9.6 Rated by guests

Pizza Nights!

We are so excited to have a real wood-fired pizza oven here!

Those of you who have visited Huntstile over the last 50 years or so will know that John the farmer’s love of bonfires is legend. A natural progression, alongside our wood-burning stoves and newly fitted biomass boiler “Bertie” who runs 100% on sustainably sourced wood chips grown right here from our own farm – our wood-fired pizza oven is a fabulous beast.

Not only does it knock out an amazing pizza (Naffa’s famous ‘Breakfast at Huntstile’ pizza below..he has others) it will also cook a magnificent roast, sumptuous scallops & seafood suppers as well as perfect cakes, bread and mallowy meringues.

Learning to drive a wood-fired oven is an accomplished art, but WOW…does it pay off in such a good way!


£12.50 per person to partake in our Pizza Buffet with: Pizza, Salad, Coleslaw, Garlic Bread 

(Puddings available at an additional cost!)

Pizza Oven Garden Room Christmas     wood burning fired oven


meringues wb       Breakfast pizza! wb