The staff of life.

Recently I have come into contact with the wonderful Tracebridge Sourdough run by Gordon Woodcock and Katie Venner.

Gordon built a fabulous wood-burning masonry bread oven in his garden shortly after he and Katie moved to Tracebridge, Near Wellington. After successfully running pizza nights for friends and family and selling their home-baked wares locally, in 2008 they set up Tracebridge Sourdough and now produce an impressive array of artisan breads, pizzas, meringues and other baked goods and sell at the markets in local towns.

Gordon and Katie also run courses on bread baking and sourdough (£69 per person) which includes how to look after your sourdough starter, making the bread, baking it (…and I hope a bit of eating it too). Sam, Agnes and I are all booked in and so looking forward to our sourdough bread-making course next month…watch this space!

If you are interested in learning to bake sourdough bread please get in touch with Gordon Woodcock and Katie Venner Tel. 01823 672301 email.