What a great day yesterday:

An Introduction to Sausage-making
with Martin Felstead

£45 including lunch

Martin keeps rare breed pigs at Greenways Farm in Wembdon …and he also runs our bar for us at Huntstile. We had no idea to this man’s hidden talents until yesterday when he ran a fantastic course on sausage-making for beginners. There were some very enthusiastic first-time sausage makers on site and the day got off to a great start, with Martin explaining about rare breed pigs (ours at Huntstile pictured above here) and how good they are for the home-made sausage maker.

Sausages are so versatile and you can flavour them with anything you like – it can be a bit hit and miss but its well worth experimenting with different herbs, seasonings, spices, vegetables, cheeses etc. – there are endless possibilities and you can make your very own brand.

Many thanks Martin! Come back and do another course soon!

Here are some Sam made earlier – had them for breakfast this morning..nom..nom..