We have just harvested the spelt that we grow for Roger Saul at Sharpham Park in Shepton Mallett to transform into organic spelt flour and other organic goodies. The field looks amazing, I walked the dogs across there tonight and the views are breathtaking. Spelt is an ancient relative of wheat, recorded back as far as 8,000 B.C. (read more on wikipedia).

A lot of people who cannot tolerate wheat in thier diet can eat bread and biscuits made from spelt flour, its easily digested in comparison with its modern cousin.

The ears of spelt are quite different from wheat, much tighter and harder to extract the kernal.

Our good friend John “I don’t believe in all this organic rubbish” Binnie has bought all the organic wheat straw for his cattle and sheep in Staple Fitzpaine and he is collecting the straw over the weekend.

I do love it when, over a nice cup of organic coffee or a local pint from Cotleigh Brewery he starts disparaging the credentials of the Soil Association – he thinks we’re all completely barking mad, organic fanatics – determine to take over the world! The truth is though John, its better for the whole world to be farming organically and, with massive population increases over the next 30-40 years we need to be all be working towards our food being supplied locally, organic and seasonal. These three words are the most important change that we will have to make when we eventually get around to reorganising our outdated food system, set up after the war – it just does not hold up in the very different world we live in today.

<deep breath in…….and relax> …ok, end of rant. Have a look at these pictures below – you have to agree that there is nowhere more beautiful than English countryside when the sun is shining…