So, we cure the rabbit problem in our veggie garden with a big, secure fence – no more nibbled off fennel/lettuce – but now we have an underground enemy…. moley, finished with whitewashing his house, has decided that such a good fence needs burrowing underneath and  getting inside of.

I can’t blame him as we do have very juicy fat earthworms, but he is going to have to go. In his tunneling exploits he has managed to snip of the roots of 80% of my spinach plants, and now he is funneling around the rhubarb, which is still doing amazingly well despite his ‘undermining’ efforts – in fact just this morning I made a huge pot of rhubarb & ginger compote to accompany breakfast – delicious with thick creamy Greek-style yoghurt.

RECIPE: Chop up rhubarb into 2cm sticks in a saucepan, add a couple of tablespoons of water, lots of sugar to taste (John likes it quite tart, I prefer it a bit sweeter) and gently bubble over a medium heat until tender. I chop up preserved ginger to taste – maybe 3 pieces for a kilo of rhubarb, but you can add ground ginger instead if you prefer. Another delicious compote is to miss out the ginger and add some vanilla extract and orange zest – heaven!